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The film shows the director's understanding and complex emotions of the Yugoslav nation through the legendary life of three protagonists-intellectual and speculator Ma Gao, his friend Hei Zai, and their common lover Natalie.
Although the film is two and a half hours long, it is not verbose at all. The whole film is full of whimsy and has a strong surrealistic color. It is a veritable epic film. Although the film plot is absurd, it accurately depicts the social conditions of Yugoslavia during World War II, and boldly exposes the unknown truth behind the heroic deeds of some speculative war heroes. The tone of the film is humorous and satirical, it is very lively and relaxed, very happy, and you can even view the film as a comedy. The characters of the film are very unrestrained and public. The film is full of the passion of the creator. The genius of director Emir Kusturica's epic theme is undoubtedly revealed. Due to the profound irony of the film, many film critics compare the film with Russia's 1995 "Poison Sun". Emil Kusturica himself also won the best director award at the Venice Film Festival that year.

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